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Examples of States with Strong, Coherent Math Standards

Reviews by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation


California Math Standards Review:  California Review 

2005 State Report Card
Clarity: 3.83A
Content: 3.94A
Reason: 3.83A
Negative Qualities: 3.92A
Weighted Score: 3.89Final Grade:A
2000 Grade: A
1998 Grade: A


 Massachusetts Math Standards Review: Massachusetts Review

2005 State Report Card
Clarity: 3.67A
Content: 3.67A
Reason: 2.00C
Negative Qualities: 3.50A
Weighted Score: 3.30Final Grade:A
2000 Grade: D

1998 Grade: F

Indiana Math Standards Review: Indiana Review


2005 State Report Card
Clarity: 3.67A
Content: 3.83A
Reason: 4.00A
Negative Qualities: 3.75A
Weighted Score: 3.82Final Grade:A
2000 Grade: C
1998 Grade: C


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