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The mission of the The United States for World Class Math is to ensure a world class math education for all students.  We want the each state's Department of Education to produce Math Core Curriculum Content Standards which are based upon the curriculum standards of the highest performing countries on international math tests and upon the highest ranking states' math standards in the United States.*  Standards must be of the highest quality thus ensuring focus, coherence, clarity and rigor.

We advocate for the involvement of research mathematicians and university math professors, in addition to the usual K-12 educators and professors of math education, in writing substantive math content standards that will prepare our children for success in college and life. This will ensure that all students can compete in the global economy. 

We also want teachers to have world class mathematics training and high standards for teacher certification in mathematics.

Statement on national standards initiative.

There has been a multi-state initiative currently underway since mid-April 2009, coordinated by the National Governors Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) called the  “State Common Core Standards”, which is a state-led process to develop voluntary "common core" K-12 English and mathematics standards.

In the likely event that your state's Governor and Commissioner of Education sign the commitment to participate in this initiative, the United States Coalition for World Class Math strongly urges that state Governor's and state Commissioner's advocate, at the federal level, for the inclusion of college and university professors of mathematics, along with the professors of mathematics education, and K-12 educators, in the writing and review of the "State Common Core Standards" in K-12 math.

Our Coalition is not "endorsing" national curriculum standards.  We are advocating that all appropriate stakeholders groups and academic experts be part of the process.

Too many states have ignored the voices of our nation's mathematicians in their standards writing process.  Massachusetts, which performed as high as the the top international countrires on the TIMSS, utlized the expertise on mathematicians in writing their "Grade A" math standards.

It is imperative that each state heed the recommendation of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel's following recommendation:

"Mathematicians should be included in greater numbers, along with mathematics educators, mathematics education researchers, curriculum specialists, classroom teachers, and the general public, in the standard-setting process and in the review and design of mathematical test items for state, NAEP, and commercial tests."  

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