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  NY State based National Math Advocacy Organization:  NYCHOLD

"We are a national nonpartisan advocacy organization that provides parents, K-12 educators, mathematicians and scientists, and others information resources and networking opportunities to support systemic improvements in the quality of mathematics education in our nation's schools."



Washington State's "Where's the Math?"

"We are a non-partisan advocacy group of parents, educators, and community members who are working to ensure that Washington State mathematics education standards, curriculum, and assessments are coherent, academically focused, rigorous and comparable to those of top performing nations in the world."



Illinois Loop

The Illinois Loop is an organization of parents, teachers, school board members, and others working to restore academic substance and effective teaching methods into schools.



California Site National Math Advocacy: Mathematically Correct

The web site is devoted to the concerns raised by parents and scientists about the invasion of our schools by the New-New Math and the need to restore basic skills to math education. Concerned parents are in a state of dismay and have begun efforts to restore content, rigor, and genuinely high expectations to mathematics education. This site provides relevant background and information for parents, teachers, board members and the public from around the country.



What follows is a partial list of grassroots organizations that promote content-rich, rigorous mathematics instruction that is supported by quality research:


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