United STATES Coalition for World Class Math

       Welcome to the United STATES Coalition for World Class Math!

We are an ever-growing group of state coalitions comprised of mathematically literate parents, many of whom are scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and educators who want nothing but excellence in Mathematics Education for the students of our country the United States of America.  This is imperative so that our children will be able to compete in the global economy.

This can only be achieved by having "world class" math standards written and implemented whether it is national math standards, regional standards or state math standards.


 How Do State Standards Influence Your Children's Education?

State core curriculum content standards give school districts the framework to use and the goals to set when teaching a particular subject matter.  State standards drive a district's choice of programs, textbooks, and the assessments used to measure student achievement.                   

That can be a very good thing if the standards are excellent.  But if they're not,  kids may not be well-prepared to achieve success in college, or the workplace in a global economy.

Remedial Courses for College Freshmen

According to a report called Diploma To Nowhere. pdf , a conservative analysis of the data on college students in 2004 shows that:

Forty-three percent of all students at public two-year institutions have enrolled in a remedial course.  Twenty-nine percent of all students at public four-year institutions have enrolled in a remedial class.

Nationwide 63% of the students taking remedial math do not earn degrees. (source: "Ready For the Future" Presentation by The New Jersey High School Redesign Steering Committee, also quoted by the NJDOE Commission on Higher Education and Achieve, Inc.) 

This adds up to tremendous financial expenses for families and lower graduation rates for students.     

Read Notes on Remedial Math Problem by Professor Jerome Dancis of the University of Maryland.  

We believe the problem stems from a weak foundation in math skills beginning in elementary school.  Our coalition wants students in our nation to learn Arithmetic and Algebra I well enough so that they will not need to take Remedial Math, namely Arithmetic and Algebra I.