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Who Reviews a State's Math Standards ?

 The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is a not for profit organization that conducts research in education in the United States. It has reviewed all 50 states' math standards.  Only THREE States, California, Indiana, and Massachusetts have earned an "A" for their math standards. For the full report go here: State of the States Math Standards

Some of the reasons that a State's Standards do not receive an "A":

  • widespread use of calculators
  • the lack of memorization of basic facts
  • the rejection of teaching standard algorithms
  • insufficient instruction on fractions
  • obsession with patterns and manipulatives
  • the over-emphasis of estimation, probability and statistics
  • not gradually increasing the difficulty of problem solving

Bottom line: States whose math standards meet the above mentioned criteria have what is known as "Reform" Standards.

To view CA, IN, and MA grade break down please click "A" States

 An Example of a State with "Reform" Standards, a "D" state: 

Review of NJ "D" Standards

An "F" state: Review of CT Standards


   More Reviews  

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) also review standards in all subject areas which includes mathematics.  Click on the reports below:

 "Sizing Up State Standards 2008"

"What's Missing from Math Standards? - 2008"

    "Leaders and Laggards"

A report by the US Chamber of Commerce which grades the education quality in each state in several catagories like academic achievement, rigor of standards, truth in advertising, return of Investment, etc.

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