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What are "World Class" Math Standards ?

California looked to the highest performing countries on the TIMSS and PISA International Math Tests.  So did the other "A" states. 

A State's Math Standards must:

  • Be coherent, specific, streamlined, organized by grade level (not by strands) easy to use and understand; they must inlcude standards for every high school math course.   Read more about Coherent Standards  .   
  • Be based on international benchmarks of the global leaders (Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Belgium, Japan, etc.) and states with nationally recognized standards like California, Indiana, and Massachusetts.  (See links to these standards below)
  • Expect fluency in all standard algorithms; fluency in computation of fractions, decimals, negative numbers; quick/automatic recall of number facts. Read about the importance of  Standard Algorithms . 
  • Have fewer topics covered with mastery of topic required for great depth of learning.
  • Limit calculator use in early grades; no calculators used in state tests in early grades. 
  • Be reflective of the findings from the NCTM's Curricular Focal Points and National Math Advisory Math's Final Report. See our page on the National Math Panel .

The States below have clear, coherent, rigorous, user-friendly standards that meet top international benchmarks and can be used as a model/template for other states in the union.

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Click here for the  2004 MA Supplement        


  World Class International Math Standards 
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Singapore Primary Grades 1-6    Singapore Secondary Grades